Xceed Training Centre is Chilliwack’s premier sports training center.  As leaders in human performance, our mission is to help improve the quality of your life. Our commitment is to provide you with the very best programming and instruction in a welcoming and safe environment, to stay focused on continuous improvement, and to remain passionate about service and excellence. Ultimately, we are driven to build the type of long-term relationships that will allow us to be an asset to our community and empower local athletes to be better at what they love to do.

Happy Clients

  • Having trained under Paul for over fifteen years, I owe a great deal of my hockey and academic success to him. Paul’s on and off-ice knowledge of the game is second to none. His approach to training goes far and beyond the physical aspect. Paul introduces mental, nutritional and functional routines that are critical to achieving success. Under Paul’s guidance I was able to turn the game of hockey into a successful career all while attaining my degree. I strongly recommend Xceed Training to anyone who wants to achieve their health or fitness goals.

    Nolan Juseth White – Chilliwack Chiefs Top D man 2 years – NCCA captain for Union
  • I have been working out with Paul for as long as I am remember! He has been a huge part of my career as a hockey player! All of his training that he does for me is to make me a better stronger player! I have never been with another trainer who takes the time to create a workout that best suits me as a player! Paul has given me great help with training, nutrition, and a way to take a strong mental approach to hockey! For anyone who is looking to train and excel in sports I would highly recommend Xceed Training.

    Ryan Bowen – 2nd year with Chilliwack Chiefs Rookie of the year – WHL drafted
  • Paul's positive and professional attitude make his workouts enjoyable, yet he is always pushing you to become better.

    Kirsten Martin – Team BC – Committed to go St Louis University NCAA 2017
  • Paul's training on and off the ice is second to none. After spending 2 years training with him I have not only noticed the difference but I have learned a lot from him. His training programs, his nutrition plans and his exercises are awesome. I owe a lot of my success on and off the ice to Paul the last 2 years that I have spent in Chilliwack.

    Jordan Kawaguchi – Captain, Chilliwack Chiefs – signed to North Dakota University
  • I have trained with Paul for ice hockey for about 4 years and many more to come as long as I am still playing.  In regards to anyone helping me achieve my goals and reach my dream of playing division 1 hockey, I owe the most credit to Paul.  Paul has blessed me with tremendous opportunity to grow as a player physically and mentally and most importantly as an individual.  There is no other trainer that I would rather guide me throughout my summers of offseason training and throughout the year whenever I need guidance.  Paul always promotes a positive outlook and attitude in the gym and on the ice, which has gone a long way with me in my life.  Throughout my time with Paul I have became significantly stronger and fit as an athlete.  For those seeking improvement in health and fitness I strongly recommend they put their trust in Paul Nicolls at Xceed training.

    Mathieu Tibbet